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Real Wedding | Carmela + Todd

Reception Entertainment

The wedding of Carmela & Todd did not actually happen here in San Diego.  Rather, they tied the knot in Boston.

What they did do in San Diego was have a staged cocktail reception for their local family and friends, and for this intimate reception, the Luce Loft, a posh, upscale event space in downtown San Diego, hosted their get together.

The  interesting thing to note about the  Luce Loft is that it is empty; everything has to be brought in: tables, bar,  DJ, etc.  Every vendor did their part, though, and no detail of the party was left unturned.  The catering company was great and the food was delicious.  The bar, naturally, was always packed.

For me, as a DJ/Emcee, I had to get the party started.  Fortunately for me, the house was “bumpin’ from the get-go.”   The ladies danced; the men acted silly.  The music was a fresh mix of modern and retro styles, and the couple, with their family and friends, made the environment urban, yet chill and fun.

I like it when couples allow me to read their crowd, and Carmela and Todd let me do so.  I played most of their requests and then added in some fun tunes, when appropriate.  I totally clicked with this couple and the crowd, and I got so into the night that I ad-libed with some of the music selections!

Also, as a great last minute addition, I set up a looped DVD projection, and on the giant bare wall in the loft space, I projected video from the couple’s Boston wedding & reception.   The projection, coupled with some deliberate uplighting, looked really great, and I think the video was a nice touch to add to the party.

All in all, Carmela and Todd were great people; it was an awesome party!   It rocked.


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