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Horsing Around…


This wedding was a little bit different.  Forget the traditional chapel and reception hall, this couple, Michellie & Robin, wanted to be married in a horse arena, and married they were, this past weekend!   They had all of the makings for an Escondido hoe-down!

The ceremony took place in the center of the horse arena, with our bride riding in on horseback.   The officiant, a charismatic person, knew everyone, wedding party and guests alike, and his special relationship with the couple only added to warmth and love present that day!

The bride, herself, was quite charismatic, and she chose to have her bridesmaids wear pink tutus!  Then, after the ceremony, she, too, changed into a tutu and celebrated and danced the night away with her eclectic mix of guests!    There was an Olympic Silver Medalist from “down under” in the house, world-class triathletes, Ironmen pros, and plenty of horse enthusiasts.   All in all, the people were just fun!   It truly was a great, energetic group.  Even the horses get into the party, because we could see them sticking their heads out of the stables and swaying to the music.  MasterCard can’t put a price on that!

Country; old-school, yet modern with certain details: this wedding was an unforgettable party!    We rocked with them; we took requests, and by the end of the night, we felt like we partied right alongside them!  We also helped uncover one guest’s special talent doing the “worm.” 😉  I think it is safe to say: everyone had a fabulous time!   We loved working with this couple!

Horse Collage


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