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A Female Wedding DJ?


Is that even a relevant question in this day and age?

Well, unfortunately, yes, it is.  DJ’ing/Emceeing, historically, has been a male-dominated field.  Yet, what many may not think of: women, too, have had a place and continue to have  place behind the mic (so to speak).  In fact, women of real distinction are in the industry, and Artistic Productions is fortunate to have one special woman that is truly iconic in the San Diego wedding industry!

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Merrylin (Mer) Brichmann opened her heart to rock-n-roll many years ago, while living in beautiful Cleveland, Ohio.  In her youth, she was a drummer, and her dream was to one day be a singer in a rock-n-roll band.

On the path to that dream, though, came an opportunity.  While working in real estate, a company approached Merrylin to lease some office space in her hometown of Beachwood, OH.  The company was in the entertainment industry, and upon establishing a relationship with them, Mer became fascinated by the company’s equipment as well as by the excitement the staff exuded as they went about their weekend business  of entertaining for weekend weddings, parties, bar/bat mitzvahs, etc.

And so, the seed was planted.  Merrylin got involved, and from the start, she was a natural DJ/Emcee.  She learned from mentors, and from that, was able to distinguish what and how she wanted to be different.   She wanted to be better than anyone in the industry!  In time, Mer channeled her drive, verve, ambition and energy and became one of the most sought after DJ/Emcees in and around Northeast Ohio!

Fast forward a couple of years, and Merrylin relocated to San Diego in 1989.   Mer started Artistic Productions and the business hit the ground running and has not looked back.  Averaging 100 events a year, Merrylin is arguably one of San Diego’s most popular female DJs.  Weddings account for the majority of her events (roughly 75%), and her success in this special niche is because Mer is able to establish a special bond with the bride (and often mom); a connection that few male DJs ever achieve.   She helps a bride/couple/family relax and truly enjoy the special day.  She has, after all, been there and done that countless times!

Merrylin loves all types of music, when she works with couples getting married in San Diego, she tailors the music selection to reflect the couple’s particular style and tastes.  She also uses her talents to “read” the crowd and discern the mood and vibe of the party, which is a point never to forget!  Mer’s goal = remember the party, and the way to keep a party seamless and consistent is to ensure that the best mix of music is played for that particular party.

Hiring a DJ is an important decision in the party planning process, and whether that DJ is male or a female doesn’t really matter as long as he/she knows what they are doing and everyone ultimately has fun. This last point is what makes Merrylin one of San Diego’s more memorable and popular DJs/Emcees; she knows what she is doing and every party, every client; they always have fun when she’s up on stage!

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One comment on “A Female Wedding DJ?

  1. Shweta
    September 29, 2013

    fab article on female dj

    !!! luv it

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